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Custom Shades structures are custom designed for individual projects with a wide range of applications. We provide designing; manufacturing, engineering and installation of all quality controlled structures to meet the highest expectations of our clients.

The fabrics allow us: flexibility in design giving the project the architectural scope needed to create unique design.

Custom Shades structures can be designed for Stadiums, Auditoriums and shopping centers, Restaurants, car parking and swimming pools up to any size. Any building where, natural light and or a cool environment is required. The limit of our design is really up to the imagination.

The Middle East sunlight conditions also contain dangerous levels of Ultra- Violet rays. Heat and Humidity build up during the day to a high overall temperature. Our structures offer 90-100% UV Protection, depending on the fabric (Shade-Cloth or Waterproof Membrane) and allows the natural light to filter through creating the right atmosphere.


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