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Giving access to high prestige and functional versatility

Offering universal integration capabilities and outstanding operational flexibility, DORMA sliding doors are designed with maximum scope in mind. With a wide range of indi¬vidual styles and matching frame/profile systems, DORMA sliding doors are the ideal entrance upgrade for any building.

Microprocessor control ensures superior user convenience whatever the DORMA sliding door solution selected. Silent and reliable, with functionality in abundance, these systems are also able to offer the very highest standard of safety.

With their sophisticated technology, DORMA sliding door systems also satisfy the stringent requirements governing approval for use in emergency exit and escape routes. Offering extensive options in terms of technology and aesthetic adaptability, our sliding door sets - incorporating up to four panels - are available for opening widths from 700 to 4,000 mm.

DORMA sliding doors-aligned to the highest demands in terms of design elegance, convenience, reliability, safety and optimum through-passage dimensions.

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Revolving Doors
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