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Established in 2003, MASY international is the trading arm of MASY Holding , and specialises in the provision of a wide range of high quality architectural and building finishing components and systems.

These include automatic doors, gates and shutters; skylight systems; customised car park shades & structural membrane; stainless steel work, ironmongery; stained and fusion art glass, floor mates, frameless glass hardware, steel and wooden doors.

MASY International has established enduring business partnerships with many leading regional and international suppliers.

was created with following business objectives.

To create a Pan Gulf Company, not reliant on just one country in the Middle East.
To create a strong brand image in the name MASY recognized throughout the Middle East.
To identify market trends in Europe and North America, and bring them to the Middle East
To work with International suppliers on developing the Middle East Market.

As part of this, in September 2004, MASY International began the process of restructuring its operations, to define more clearly its business focus in core activities. The reasons for doing this are:-

To maximize and enhance sales value and market share in specific market and product segments through a clearly defined sales and     marketing policy.
To create a strong, stable and focused base for future growth To introduce and develop new products and Markets in the Gulf
To maximize the opportunities associated with the current gulf construction boom.
To develop added value businesses in areas where Masy is operating today.
To meet the challenge of both the introduction of the US / Bahrain Free Trade Agreement, due to be implemented in 2005, and    impending WTO membership
To take advantage of the increasing harmonization of the GCC single Market Place

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